Our Mission

ANGAZA KENYA LTD is a social enterprise that was established in 2010 to develop well-engineered technology solutions to improve the human condition on a global scale, with a primary emphasis on applications in the developing world.

Our Values

ANGAZA KENYA’s enterprise-based model represents a new approach to development through the design and sale of high quality, affordable, consumer driven products that yield health, environmental and economic benefits. We believe in using a market-based solution to develop local communities and create a large-scale sustainable impact.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which everyone can enjoy durable, affordable, aspirational, well-engineered technology products that offer economic payback incentives, while improving health and the environment.t

The Team

Kennedy Lamwenya- Founder and CEO
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Kennedy is the Founder and CEO of ANGAZA KENYA LTD ,since the company's early incubation days of 2010. He is a visionary leader with the fundamental idea of creating scalable and sustainable social enterprises at the base of the economic pyramid that are focused on energy and pollution reduction and heath and economic improvement. He believes it is a basic duty of free enterprise to deliver high quality, durable and aspirational products to emerging consumer markets at the lowest possible cost - while at the same time energizing local economies and developing local entrepreneurs. Actualization of this vision will provide the potential to significantly impact the world's deadliest health and energy related problems.

Kennedy has led ANGAZA KENYA LTD ltd by combining his business acumen from the consumer durables industry with visionary thinking in the area of social enterprise. A global leader in the field of renewable energy development and social entrepreneurship, Kennedy has extensive, worldwide business and P&L experience across private, public, and start-up business environments having spent over 10 years in the industry prior to founding his own venture. His ability to move cutting edge, industry-defining technology from the drawing board to the forefront of the global marketplace has garnered ANGAZA KENYA LTD a variety of accolades in the areas of product design,distribution,CSR and transforming livelihoods of BOP communities in Kenya.